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EPISODE #3 Taking Your Business to The Cloud with Mirko Crevatin & Christopher Simm



We're talking about taking your business to the cloud with Mirko Crevatin and Christopher Simm.  Mirko is a Senior Manager and the National Technology Solutions lead at MNP, successfully bridging the gap between business need and technical delivery.  Christopher is a Microsoft Cloud Security Expert at Bulletproof, a GLI Company

We hope you enjoy the show - Cathy Simpson, CEO, TechImpact

Welcome to our new podcast, TechTalks!  The podcast series designed to educate, inspire, and engage new conversations about technology and how it is an enabler for our economy, building our talented workforce, creating growth in our IT sector, and attracting talent in our post-secondary institutions.

The podcast will create new connections between employers, students, entrepreneurs, investors and our business community.

Our podcast content will appeal to the business community, students, entrepreneurs, investors, and IT professionals.  Our topics will vary from deep dives into specific technology to discussions on the benefits of digital transformation for business productivity and growth.

When it comes to students, we're not just talking engineering and computer science.  We want to appeal to ALL students as they think about careers in the digital world and consider the employability skills they need for today’s workplace.

Did you know?

1. Digital technology firms contribute $6.1 billion to Atlantic Canada’s economy.

2. Over 43,000 people are employed in the digital industry labour force.

3. 463 digital technology firms exist in Atlantic Canada.

4. This industry is innovative, export-focused, and attracts a majority of the region’s venture capital.

5. There is more demand than supply of talent; we aren’t producing enough graduates to fill the current demand for new workers.

6. Availability of labour is the number one challenge for digital technology firms.

Our informative and entertaining podcast series will provide insight into current opportunities within Atlantic Canada’s digital technology sector and can be found on all of your favourite podcast platforms including Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and more.

Our goal is to inform our listeners of the opportunities available and the importance of technology as we build for the future during and after the pandemic.  We’ll demonstrate the importance of the tech industry to the local economy and show there is a place for all educational backgrounds.

TechTalks is hosted by TechImpact CEO, Cathy Simpson. It's produced by Matt George, is engineered by Zachary Pelletier and is part of the Unsettled Media Podcast Network.

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