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About CollabHub 

CollabHub is your single source for discovering New Brunswick’s technology talent. From businesses finding local technology solution providers to job seekers looking for world-class careers, it’s all here.



CollabHub is a user-centric, bilingual online platform that promotes New Brunswick’s digital ecosystem to potential customers and job-seekers. Our digital ecosystem is diverse and the platform is a resource to support all users looking for digital talent and information about our capabilities.  It’s showcasing all that New Brunswick has to offer. 

Connect to Local and Global customers

Companies in all industries understand the importance of adopting digital technologies but sometimes don’t know where to start. Research shows that New Brunswick businesses have a hard time finding N.B. solution providers. They don’t know enough about our province’s diverse and capable technology companies and might struggle to source and select a strategic partner for their digital needs. They want to find local solution providers that can help them solve problems. Meanwhile, economic development officers are often asked for technology referrals by their clients and want to connect with as many local tech companies as possible if the talent is here.  

CollabHub’s free industry directory makes it easy to quickly find digital products, solutions, and services in New Brunswick. Sharing company information, testimonials, blogs, case studies and credentials, gives customers clarity in researching and selecting technology providers. Searchable by services, location, language and more, it makes sourcing a snap.  

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Connect to World - Class Talent

CollabHub helps ​​New Brunswick technology companies promote opportunities to job-seekers in Canada and beyond who are looking for their next big opportunity.  

​​Our  Job Seeker section has links to job boards and leads on current postings. We share resources for job-seekers in Canada and internationally, including employment support programs, information on working in New Brunswick, local labour market information and guides to support your job search. And the CollabHub industry directory is an excellent showcase for the work, brand and company culture of our employers.

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New Brunswick’s technology and innovation ecosystem is booming. With so much going on, it can be challenging for stakeholders to stay current on all the news, announcements and opportunities.  CollabHub makes it easy to keep up with what’s happening.
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CollabHub was created by TechImpact. TechImpact is a private sector led organization focused on building a vibrant and growing Atlantic Canadian economy by using technology to unlock our region’s potential. CollabHub is possible thanks to funding support from Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the Government of New Brunswick.    
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