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Advancing Our Innovation Economy


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TechImpact is focused on growth, and technology is the key it uses to unlock the region’s abundant potential. We collaborate with stakeholders to nurture the talent, tools and ecosystem for economic growth.

About TechImpact

TechImpact is a private sector-led organization focused on building a vibrant and growing digital economy in Atlantic Canada. Founded in 2009, our members are digital business leaders who know that leveraging technology in our economy, educational system, and government is key to a resilient, self-sufficient future. Economies that embrace innovation have increased GDP, exports, employment and population growth. 

We are advancing our agenda through a variety of initiatives and partnerships.  Workforce development is key to our mission, and digital skills are in demand and scarce. We collaborate with educators, employers, students, and government on projects to increase our talent pipeline’s quality, diversity, availability, size, and strength.  We’re involved in projects like the Bell Research Intensive Cyber Knowledge Studies program providing students with a Masters of Applied Cybersecurity from the University of New Brunswick, scholarships, research internships, and ultimately job employment opportunities.  We are collaborating with partners like the McKenna Institute on alternative programming for upskilling and reskilling to more current digital skills.

We share stories. The TechTalks with Cathy Simpson podcast, launched in 2020, features interviews with a wide range of inspiring, insightful guests sharing their personal and business successes. The show’s growing audience is a diverse mix of business owners, executives, IT professionals, economic development professionals and students engaged in our digital economy. 

And we accelerate digital transformation to create jobs and increase productivity and competitiveness in all industries. In 2020, TechImpact launched Digital Boost . This program connected New Brunswick businesses with local technology solution providers to advance their digital transformation projects. The program was a success, with companies in food and beverage, manufacturing, and heavy industry working with New Brunswick consultants to digitize. In 2021, we launched Digital Boost 2.0 to help New Brunswick companies take the first step on their digital transformation journey. The program provides funding and expertise to create a digital strategy and roadmap to remain competitive, resilient and forward-thinking as our world continues to digitize.
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