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Got Questions About CollabHub?

We've got answers. Check out our FAQs for tech companies, businesses seeking digital solutions, job seekers, economic development experts, or anyone exploring New Brunswick's digital talent. 

What is CollabHub?

CollabHub connects you with our digital ecosystem in New Brunswick.  We have diverse and deeply talented solution providers and extraordinary job opportunities in New Brunswick.  CollabHub will keep you up to date on the latest industry news and events. CollabHub was created by TechImpact, in partnership with ACOA and GNB.

How can CollabHub help me? 

CollabHub is a terrific source for information about the technology sector and solution providers in New Brunswick.  You can find a wealth of information to learn more about what’s happening here, what are the capabilities of the companies, and where to look for assistance.

What are CollabHub's features?

CollabHub helps technology solution providers, job seekers, and New Brunswick companies that need help with their digital challenges and opportunities.
  • If you are a New Brunswick business looking for a solution provider to help with your digital needs, check out our directory
  • If you are a job-seeker looking for your next career opportunity, check out our links to      New Brunswick job boards and employment resources.  
  • If you want to learn more about the diverse digital ecosystem supporting businesses, entrepreneurs, students and technology companies, check out our resources section
If you want the latest technology news and events, check out our news and events pages. 

My business needs help with technology. How can I find a tech company using CollabHub?

The CollabHub directory has information about N.B. tech solution providers. It is easily searchable by location, services, and language.  Each company in the directory has a profile with details on their solutions and services, customer success stories, contacts, and links to their website and other materials.

Will CollabHub match me with a technology company?

No, CollabHub is a self-serve, accessible information hub open to all. You use it to find technology solution providers right here in New Brunswick.

Disclaimer: CollabHub neither promises nor vouches for the quality of work or pricing for any solution provider in our directory. It is solely the customer’s decision to choose and hire a provider. Any interaction with a provider from the directory is at the discretion of the customer.

Where can I find technology jobs in New Brunswick?

Check out our job seeker page to find links to local job boards, employment support organizations and guides to working in New Brunswick. Get familiar with local companies by checking out our directory.


For Solution Providers

Who can create a CollabHub directory profile?

If you are a registered New Brunswick-based, for-profit business providing digital solutions, you can create a profile. To get started, visit sign up to CollabHub. Once you submit your information, you will receive a login and you can make changes to your profile at any time.

What can I do with my company login?

You can log in to edit your profile. We’ve made it easy for you to manage your password and profile.

Can I submit events and news to CollabHub?

Absolutely! We encourage you to share stories, events or exciting announcements. Simply reach out to program manager Angelisa Daly with your news. 

Is there a cost for CollabHub or to join the solution provider directory? 

No, CollabHub is FREE for all users.

Do I have to offer bilingual services/solutions to be in the directory?

No. All New Brunswick companies are welcome. We do require that some content in your profile, such as your About Us and products/services descriptions be bilingual.


How do I access my account after I sign up?

Once you’ve submitted your profile details, click login to see if the CollabHub team has approved it. Once it is approved, you can access and edit your profile anytime.

I have some other questions about CollabHub.  Who can I contact?

Reach out to us anytime using our contact form.

Are you a New Brunswick based digital solution provider?

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