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The UNB Faculty of Computer Science Co-op Program is currently seeking job postings for Summer 2023

Is your company or organization looking to take on co-op students for tech roles this summer? The UNB Faculty of Computer Science Co-op Program is now accepting Summer 2023 co-op job postings. 

The deadline to get your job post is coming up, as job posts will be advertised to students starting January 16th, 2023. Important dates for hiring Computer Science and Software Engineering co-op students are: 

January 16: Job Booklet Open to Students 

February 1 - 24: First-round Interview period 

February 27: Employers submit interview results (rankings) 

March 2: Students submit their employer rankings 

March 3: Employers & Students advised of matches 

March 6: Second Round hiring process (continuous hiring) 

The UNB Co-op programs use a single platform, ExperienceUNB to conduct the co-op hiring process.  With ExperienceUNB, companies can post job opportunities with any of the co-op programs at UNB, and bundle student applications together. Also from here, students will be able to see all posted positions and will be directed to the company’s website to complete the job application process.  

 To post a co-op position for summer 2023 visit ExperienceUNB and follow these steps to post jobs on the summer 2023 co-op job bank: 

1. Click on "EMPLOYERS" on the top page to login. 

2. If you are a first-time user of ExperienceUNB, select the "EMPLOYERS REGISTRATION" drop-down option and follow the steps to create your account and post your job. 

3. If you are a returning employer, login using your email address and password. If you’ve lost your password, select the “FORGOT PASSWORD” drop-down option under “EMPLOYERS”.  Your email address will be your login ID. 


If you have any questions about The UNB Faculty of Computer Science Co-op Program or require further guidance with the application or job posting process please contact UNB’s Faculty of Computer Science Co-operative Education Program Coordinators Shelley Zimmerman ( or Trish Meng (