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NBIF Backs Four Innovative Projects for Sustainable Growth and Net-Zero Goals

[New Brunswick, May 6, 2024] - The New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF) has announced investments in four pivotal projects aimed at driving sustainable growth and achieving net-zero carbon emissions in the region. This initiative is part of NBIF's partnership with Net Zero Atlantic through the Emerging Concepts and Technologies (ECT) Research Program, which aims to develop local solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The ECT Research Program, launched with a $250,000 contribution from the Climate Impact Fund a collaboration between Opportunities New Brunswick and NBIF focuses on innovations that address challenges in energy grid stability, emissions reduction, and carbon sequestration using New Brunswick’s natural resources.

Project Highlights:

  • Energy Grid Storage: Dr. Shivam Saxena (UNB) explores integrating electric vehicle batteries into the energy grid to provide flexible storage and support during peak demand.
  • Carbon Sequestration in Wetlands and Mudflats: Projects led by Dr. Dodick Gasser (CCNB) and Dr. Myriam Barbeau (UNB) aim to quantify and enhance carbon capture in New Brunswick’s wetlands and mudflats.
  • Agriculture Emissions Reduction: Dr. Zunaira Asif (UNB) is developing an IoT-based system to monitor and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture.

Tim Bachiu, Director of Research for Net Zero Atlantic, emphasized the role of these projects in propelling New Brunswick towards a sustainable and innovative future. Jeff White, CEO of NBIF, reiterated the foundation’s commitment to leveraging local expertise to tackle global environmental challenges.

For more information on these innovative projects and their impact, visit NBIF’s website.