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Research in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Seminar

Event Details
Start Time: March 13 2024 - 1:00 PM
End Time: March 13 2024 - 3:00 PM
Location: SJ Philip W. Oland Hall 208, UNB Saint John

Explore the latest in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the upcoming seminar hosted by the Research Institute in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (RIDSAI) at UNB. This special event focuses on the impactful blend of data science, AI, and health. Hear from leading UNB researchers about groundbreaking applications of AI in healthcare sectors such as prosthetics, gait analytics, cancer detection, and optimizing population health.

Featured speakers include Dr. Jon Sensinger, Director of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, sharing insights into AI's past, present, and future in biomedical engineering. Luke MacNeill, a postdoctoral fellow, will delve into the use of conversational agents in healthcare, while Dr. Kim, Assistant Professor in Computer Science, explores AI's role in public health.

The seminar promises an afternoon filled with enlightening presentations, opportunities for networking, and refreshments. It's an ideal setting for those keen on the convergence of technology and health.

RSVP by March 9th, 2024:

This event is a must-attend for anyone interested in how data science and AI are revolutionizing healthcare.