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UNB & McKenna Celebrate New Investment in A.I and Data Science

Investment in future of computing is a big deal for the University and Province

The McKenna Institute, along with its partners at UNB, was proud to announce in $2.5 million gift received from Alumni and benefactor Dick Carpenter. This announcement was made on stage at the InnovateNB awards held earlier this week.

The investment will allow UNB to develop its research capabilities and programs for study. The importance of Data Science and A.I. integrations is quickly becoming essential in developing new and improving existing digital technology products and services. In addition, this investment will help UNB become more competitive among other institutions for its capabilities to execute research projects. 

Most new digital products rely on managing and executing based on massive amounts of data. The management and understanding of this data make successful platforms seem intuitive and deliver value to users. As data sets become more complex and data sources more plentiful, Artificial Intelligence integration is becoming a core component of many new digital products and services.

How will this affect you?

If you are a technology company:

Your product improvement projects and the supply of skilled workers will benefit from increased investment and expertise gained from the new focus. As your digital product or service develops, having access to an institution within the region that can partner on AI integration and R&D activities can be a massively impactful market advantage.

If your business uses digital technology:

This investment may seem abstract if you are a company that manufactures widgets or mills wood. However, as more and more processes and quality assurance activities include digital tools, AI development and data science will help you avoid costly downtime, optimize quality and efficiency and improve the effectiveness of your organization.

Having an institution in the region that focuses on these disciplines will help the local economy and private and public sectors.

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