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Retaining International Students Essential for New Brunswick's Tech Sector and Beyond

120,000 workers, required in the next decade to maintain workforce levels.

It's a stark realization, but New Brunswick, like many other jurisdictions, is barreling towards a cliff in terms of its workforce capacity, and it's mainly due to a generational shift and difficulty in the retention of workers and the younger generation. This crisis presents a particular challenge within Atlantic Canada's IT Sector.

Recently, the Saint John Newcomers Centre and the New Brunswick Multi-Cultural Council released a joint report on the difficulty facing graduating international students in finding and retaining work so that they can stay within New Brunswick. Citing that 85% of the 200 graduates surveyed would like to stay in New Brunswick; however, only one-in-four would be able to find the work placement required for them to do so.

One of the ways we can address these challenges is by finding ways to recruit and retain talent in the IT sector. TechImpact is currently working to help businesses and the public sector better recruit, develop and retain IT professionals. International graduates represent a largely untapped talent pool that Atlantic Canadian businesses can begin to utilize within their workforce and human resource strategies in the coming years and the looming workforce exodus by the remaining baby boomers and significant portions of generation X. 

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