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Exciting News: NBIF Backs TrojAI with a $500K Investment!

Big news for New Brunswick’s tech scene! The New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF) has just invested $500,000 in TrojAI, the AI security experts from Saint John, New Brunswick. This investment is a part of a bigger $5.7 million round with Flying Fish, Build Ventures, Techstars, Alteryx, and Flybridge chipping in. 

Since 2020, TrojAI founders James Stewart and Stephen Goddard have been making waves by developing technologies to protect AI from cyber threats. NBIF has been there since the start, previously investing $950,000 in the company. This ongoing support underscores TrojAI's success in innovation and attracting major clients. 

At TechImpact, we're thrilled to see a local company like TrojAI not just succeed but also help position New Brunswick as a tech leader. This investment isn't just good news for TrojAI; it's a win for our entire tech community, showing what we can achieve with innovation and collaboration. 

For more info, reach out to Heather Libbey at Read the full story here: NBIF Invests $500K in TrojAI’s Continued Growth | NBIF