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TechImpact Member Spotlight: Beauceron Security

Microsoft has featured Beauceron Security as a top Canadian cybersecurity startup securing the future with AI!

Beauceron Security, developed from the University of New Brunswick, uses a fun and effective gamified approach to cybersecurity training. This method significantly lowers the risk of falling for cyber attacks by making learning interactive and engaging.

Beauceron's platform works within existing productivity tools, encouraging employees to identify and report phishing attempts. These activities generate personal cyber risk scores, motivating employees to stay vigilant. CEO David Shipley emphasizes that the aim is not perfection but to help everyone understand their critical role in cybersecurity.

By leveraging AI, Beauceron examines up to 60,000 suspicious emails each month, accurately identifying phishing attempts 85% of the time. Employees get useful feedback to enhance their security knowledge and actions.

Beauceron's impact is notable, reducing vulnerability to attacks by up to 50%. Their technology is used by over 650,000 people in sectors like education, healthcare, banking, and critical infrastructure, with a 25% annual user growth.

Read the Full Story here: Beauceron Security - Microsoft Feature.

Join us in celebrating Beauceron Security's achievements and their role in making our digital world safer!