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Stephen's Tech Journey with UNB's Coding Boot Camp

In today's fast-paced tech world, staying ahead is key. Stephen Brown's story shows how UNB's Coding Boot Camp can be your ticket to a tech career.

After 11 years in Calgary's security systems industry, Stephen wanted a change and chose New Brunswick to be closer to family. Tech seemed ideal, so he joined UNB's Coding Boot Camp. Funding from the McKenna Institute made it accessible, and the program's hands-on, module-based structure helped him learn real-world skills. Beyond coding, he gained problem-solving, project management, and research abilities—crucial in tech's ever-evolving landscape.

Stephen formed a supportive online network with classmates and got job-hunting support, thanks to TechImpact.

This boot camp equips you efficiently for tech careers, just like it did for Stephen. Explore tech opportunities in New Brunswick and unlock your future with the McKenna Institute Tuition Support Program, offering up to 75% off tuition.

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