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New Collab Features launched

Author:  TechImpact Team

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The battle for IT talent has never been hotter. Businesses are competing globally for IT professionals. CollabHub is here to help. We are rolling out new features for our Solution Provider Directory to give your company a competitive advantage in recruitment. If you’re already in the Solution Provider Directory, your company can take advantage of these new features right away.

Add a “We’re Hiring” icon to your provider profile

CollabHub solution providers can now easily add a “We’re Hiring” icon to their profile page along with a link directing candidates to their job careers page. And the Hiring Filter in the directory lets users see all providers who are hiring. Check out the guide below to see how this looks on CollabHub and add this to your profile if it’s applicable to you. 

We didn’t stop there. We know that digital health is a quickly growing sector and it’s an important part of our IT industry. CollabHub reflects this reality with our new features.

Add Digital Health as a service on your provider profile

We’ve added this category to the directory and it’s now a search item too. Check out the guide below to see how this looks on CollabHub and add this service to your profile if it’s applicable to you.

New Feature User Guide for CollabHub Solution Providers


If you are a job seeker looking for a new position or a business looking for that key new IT employee, visit CollabHub. With the new features added to the Solution Provider Directory, you can now:


Find out all CollabHub Providers who are hiring

When a provider is hiring, you’ll see a “We’re Hiring” icon on their profile page along with a link directing you to their careers page. It’s a great tool to know who is hiring. And the “Hiring Filter” in the directory lets you see all of them at once. Check it out here

Digital Health a new services filter

Digital health is a growing and important part of our tech industry. Now find all digital health providers in New Brunswick using our new digital health service capability. Just select Digital Health under the services filter to find all providers who do work in this area. Have a look here

We want to make it easy for YOU, and we’re always updating our content with news, events and announcements. CollabHub is your source to know all that’s happening in New Brunswick Digital Ecosystem. Visit CollabHub here


There are lots more features and functionalities ahead for CollabHub, and we’d love to hear your ideas. For questions or more info, reach out to the CollabHub Program Manager at

Don’t forget to check out the guide and start using the new features!