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Job Creation Data in the Atlantic Canadian Tech Ecosystem for 2021

Author: Concrete Ventures


Atlantic Canada's tech ecosystem had a huge year.  From my tally, companies in the region raised over $350m in venture capital financing and hired a net new 2,483 employees in 2021.

Last quarter was a slow one for job growth, seeing only 255 net new jobs.  However, this shouldn't be viewed as an indication of a slowdown, because this same group of companies were injected with $116.1m in capital in Q4 2021.

Of the companies that I’m tracking 22% hired employees, 57% had no change and 21% had less staff last quarter.  Throughout 2021, 33% hired employees, 28% were stagnant, and 28% had less staff than the year before.  

Those companies hiring in 2021, made lots of new hires.  The top 15 companies (see below) hired a total of 668 new individuals, representing 27% of the total net new jobs created in 2021.

There was some big news out of the region in Q4 2021:

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Top Tech Atlantic Canadian Employers in 2021

Sorted by net new jobs created

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