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How to Adapt to the Labour Shortage Situation


Hiring Difficulties Are Not Going Away


Labour shortage is not a new phenomenon in Canada. But as the economy recovers and the job market bounces back, the pressure on employers is intensifying.

55% of Canadian entrepreneurs are struggling to hire the workers they need, which leaves them with no choice but to work more hours, as well as delay or refuse orders. In addition, more than a quarter are having a hard time retaining their employees.

The long-term decrease of the labour force growth and the recent effects of the pandemic have worsened the uneven impact of the labour shortage. Unemployment persists in some sectors, while labour scarcity persists in others.

BDC surveyed more than 1,200 entrepreneurs and 3,000 members of the working-age population about how the situation is affecting them.

In this study, you will find both insights into the causes of the labour shortage resurgence as well as solutions for Canadian entrepreneurs to reduce its impact.


  • why Canadian entrepreneurs are struggling to hire employees
  • why employees are leaving their jobs
  • how the pandemic has changed the labour market
  • the three most effective solutions for finding and keeping employees
  • case studies of real Canadian entrepreneurs who are overcoming a worker shortage

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How to Adapt to the Labour Shortage Situation

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