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Adapt or die: Why an AI-powered platform is critical in the Covid-19 era



Image Credits: Introhive

The Covid-19 pandemic taught companies in every industry the harsh Darwinian lesson of “adapt or die.” This need for adaptation is most conspicuous in the traditional B2B sales funnel, a process that hinges on the success of relationship-building. With face-to-face meetings, trade shows, and in-person demos deemed a Faucian “no-go” until the spread of the pandemic is under control, technological solutions have been the saving grace for many companies seeking continued growth and connection with their customers. Of these solutions, customer relationship management (CRM) software is a booming enterprise application category. But a CRM is only as good as the data it provides. Thus, an AI-powered platform is one of the most powerful tools you can adopt for your CRM, to not merely survive Covid-19’s impact on your business, but overcome it entirely and succeed in the eventual post-Covid world. Regardless of your size, a well-integrated AI-powered solution can make a difference in your ability to foster existing business relationships, and cultivate new ones.

Introhive, the platform we began creating in 2012, is uniquely positioned to support all teams involved in the span of your sales lifecycle, serving as crucial infrastructure to manage your company’s client information, communications, and other data points. Artificial intelligence (AI) within our platform automatically updates and enriches your customer data, freeing your teams from the monotony of data entry and letting them focus on what matters most: developing client relationships and generating robust sales. When you integrate an AI solution into your CRM workflow, you will see results in more active business productivity, improved customer experience, greater retention, and boosted revenue.

Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to drive revenue

Introhive’s relationship intelligence platform ensures accurate, complete, and informative data lives within your CRM, automatically updating and linking as your customer relationships develop over time. With little training needed, Introhive seamlessly integrates into your workflow, providing insights using the power of artificial intelligence. Introhive data is reliable and thereby confidence-inspiring, empowering your teams to make smart, impactful decisions to accelerate sales and navigate future opportunities. Relationship analytics can also identify improvement areas in the sales lifecycle — revealing opportunities for a more seamless, targeted approach from your marketing, sales, and support divisions.

Image Credits: Introhive

Introhive serves as a single source of truth so that anyone with access to the platform can quickly get up to speed on the sales lifecycle and transition smoothly regardless of staffing changes or remote onboarding. Over the course of founding five companies, I’ve come to understand the impact that streamlining processes can have on team morale. The more I can reduce friction for my employees, the greater bandwidth they have to meet and exceed their quotas and other productivity goals. Think of Introhive as your office’s utility player, ceaselessly automating, and cleaning your database of customer relationships to ensure everyone can focus on trustworthy and current insights about your client base.

The beauty of utilizing a platform like Introhive in your business operations extends beyond your own office. Introhive enables accuracy and efficiency that your customers will notice, appreciate, and value. Having a central dashboard of all points of contact allows your service and support teams to offer more holistic assistance to customers, smoothing each aspect of the B2B relationship and strengthening their trust in your company.

Happier teams, happier clients: CRM software is good for business

Having access to timely and quality relationship analytics improves decision-making that can result in organic growth at a lower cost, driving business effectiveness, efficiencies, and — ultimately — revenue. Increasing your customer retention rates by just 5% has the potential to increase your profit margin by 25% or more. Retaining happy clients has an impact on prospective business development as well. 84% of B2B decision-makers use referrals when kicking off their buying processes, so having a clear understanding of your client networks also results in developing a broader pipeline for future business.

Disruption as opportunity

The pessimist may view this pandemic as the Great Disruptor, the proverbial wrench in 2020 business development plans around the world. Ever the optimist, I believe that with great disruption comes great opportunity. Adaptations you make in times of crisis will lead to process improvements and efficiencies that last well beyond this pandemic, bolstering your company against future threats. Integrating a nimble and intuitive CRM platform in your workflow is a crucial business practice any time, but made all the more critical in the Covid-19 era when we’re pressed to keep relationships thriving virtually. You can still build relationships, and build them better and smarter, in spite of this crisis. 

I founded Introhive because I believe in the power of data analytics to improve all aspects of business operations and, most importantly, growth. Whether you are shifting your existing CRM strategy, or if you want to leverage relationship analytics in your company for the first time, Introhive can help you strengthen your teams and rebound from the impact of Covid-19 on your bottom line. Let me show you how. Visit to learn more and connect with me directly on Linkedin and Twitter.

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Author : Jody Glidden, CEO and Co-Founder, Introhive

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