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MNP Digital Podcast: AI and the Future of Agriculture

MNP Digital

After centuries of humans refining and perfecting agriculture practices, it's extraordinary to think that we're still leaping forward when it comes to developing new efficiencies in the industry. And a big part of that can be attributed to what artificial intelligence has been bringing to the table.
Listen to episode 6 of our Smarter Than AI podcast where we cover how artificial intelligence is transforming the agriculture industry:

Technology continues to transform one of mankind’s oldest professions, on a much needed basis. As the global population continues to rise and the land becomes increasingly unavailable for agricultural use, farmers have needed to become more efficient and productive. So what can AI do to help? The industry is turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor soil conditions, control pests, and organize data that will help farmers yield healthier and more substantial crops.

Listen to episode 6 of the Smarter than AI podcast here.


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