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Valuations for Startup Founders

Event Details
Start Time: April 24 2024 - 2:00 PM
End Time: April 24 2024 - 3:00 PM
Registration / More Info: Click Here

Hosted by: Profitual Inc.


Webinar presented by Profitual Inc., featuring Ray Fitzpatrick, CEO of Profitual. This session is designed specifically for startup founders looking to grasp the complexities of startup valuations. Understanding how valuations are determined and evaluated is crucial for negotiating the best deal for your company.

Why Attend?

Startup valuations are a critical, yet challenging aspect of raising capital. In the early stages, where hard financial data may be scarce, investors often look at other factors such as market size and team potential. This webinar will demystify the valuation process, providing clarity on traditional and venture capital valuation methods and how these can impact your funding journey.

You Will Learn:

  • Traditional Valuation Methods: Get to grips with the foundational approaches to business valuation.
  • Venture Capital Valuation Methods: Explore how venture capitalists value early-stage companies and what this means for your funding.
  • Negotiating Valuations: Learn tactics to negotiate valuations that reflect the true worth of your venture.
  • Equity, Convertible Debt, and SAFE Agreements: Understand the advantages and disadvantages of different funding instruments.
  • Tax Credits: Discover how tax incentives can influence the pricing of your investment round.

This webinar is an invaluable opportunity for founders aiming to enhance their negotiation capabilities and secure favorable terms with investors. Don't miss out on gaining the insights needed to navigate the complex landscape of startup financing.